Discover and enjoy the range of aloe vera pulp!

Aloe vera pulp is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells and tissues from oxidation. It helps to stimulate the metabolism and regulates the different functions of the body. Rich in vitamin C, you will quickly find the energy.

Aloe vera increases resistance to psychic load. Drink according to your preferences : pure or mixed with water or fruit juice.

- ALOE VERA STABILIZED PULP - Bitter taste / recommended for diabetics.

It is the only pulp in the world, certified and labeled, which contains 99.7% of aloe vera pulp! To consume without moderation.

- PULP ALOE FISHING for children too, natural taste with peach puree and concentrated juice of white grapes. 84.5% of aloe vera pulp.

- ALOE BERRY NECTAR PULPES for kids too, natural taste with concentrated apple and cranberry juices. The composition is effective with 90.7% aloe vera pulp

Drinking daily aloe vera pulp promotes your well-being.


If you want to skip the industrial sugar, I recommend - FOREVER BEE HONEY, the honey "OR OF THE RICHE" to use in yogurts and drinks.

Your health capital is important, do not neglect it.

With its undeniable benefits, Aloe is undoubtedly your ally. It's the Forever guarantee to keep fit every day !

I remind you that dietary supplements with aloe vera are not drugs. You must favor a healthy and varied diet ; practice physical activity to optimize your shape.

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